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The regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit is essential, yet not enough people realize it.

Before you allow that unexpected breakdown to occur, give the expert AC maintenance technicians at One Hour a call to schedule your AC tune-up and get quality air conditioning inspection. We service:

  • Langhorne, PA
  • Levittown, PA
  • Glenside, PA
  • Elkins Park, PA
  • Churchville, PA
  • Newtown, PA
  • Yardley, PA
  • Richboro, PA
  • Villanova, PA

And the surrounding areas.

Think about an air conditioning unit the same way you would any other piece of complex machinery. It has several moving parts that work for long periods of time without stopping. There isn’t a machine designed that is exempt from wear and tear, and it is almost impossible to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt. However, with proper AC maintenance, it is very possible to prevent these things from compromising an entire air conditioning system.

As a company that prides itself on providing AC repair and air conditioning inspection in Bucks County, PA, we make sure that your vents can run as cold as you need them in the summer heat. You wouldn’t let your car go too long without a tune-up, would you? The same principle should be adopted for your home’s air conditioning system. Regular AC maintenance can help you steer clear of preventable, but unforeseen, problems with your air conditioning system.

We have a variety of air conditioning services available, including AC repair and AC installation, and have been relied upon by customers located in Langhorne, Glenside, Richboro, Elkins Park, Levittown, Newtown, Villanova, and Yardley.

Even if you need emergency services on the weekend or the middle of the night in case your air conditioning system breaks down, we are available around the clock, whether you live in Bucks County, PA, or Montgomery County, PA.

Why Get a Tune-up

Get a return on your unit investment by scheduling a tune-up and conserving the lifespan of the system. The unit should be inspected at least once a year. Those tune-ups help the air conditioning system operate more safely, help it recover lost efficiency and cut operating expenses.

When an AC system starts to get dirty, it has to work harder to produce results. During a tune-up, however, our expert AC maintenance technicians clean the coils, motor and all of the other parts. This allows for maximum efficiency of your air conditioning system.

A tune-up is a lot cheaper than having to replace a major part. Call us for regular AC maintenance if you live in or near:

  • Langhorne, PA
  • Levittown, PA
  • Newtown, PA
  • Yardley, PA

What a Tune-Up Includes

  • A complete cleaning of the condenser coils
  • A full thermostat calibration
  • Ductwork inspection for potential energy loss
  • An assessment of the coolant level
  • Lubricating moving parts to get rid of friction
  • Gauge the performance of the blower motor and blower belt
  • Tightening electrical connections to ensure safe system operation

How Often Should I Have My Unit Checked?

Air conditioning systems should be inspected and cleaned once a year, even if you don’t feel like there are any issues with the system. If your AC system is left unchecked, it may lose up to five percent of its operating efficiency due to all the dust and buildup. This means the house won’t cool as efficiently. The spring is the most ideal time for inspection.

More Than Just AC Maintenance

We’re more than just AC maintenance in Bucks County, PA, and Montgomery County, PA. We also offer air conditioning inspection. Air conditioning inspection isn’t just important for staying in compliance, it also ensures that any building can maintain the most efficient use of its resources. Saving money on utilities isn’t always easy, especially in our area, and our services make sure that you aren’t wasting your hard-earned dollars by cooling your home with units that aren’t working properly.

Finding a company that handles full-service AC maintenance in Montgomery County, PA, doesn’t always seem within reach, and our team changes that with quick and efficient service to all the areas that we provide for.

The U.S. Department of Energy maintains that heating and cooling costs account for roughly 50% of the average homeowner’s energy usage. Many inefficiencies in air conditioning can arise from improper installation, which is why our technicians always do it right the first time. Regular AC maintenance can extend the lifespan of an AC system, saving time, and money. We’re here for maintenance, repair or replacement, whenever you need us.

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