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What Is An Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning is the process of removing heat from a space, cooling the air and removing existing humidity. Air conditioning achieves a more desirable interior environment for Bucks County, PA, pets and people alike. It is a crucial machine for many Montgomery County, PA, businesses, as well, allowing workers and customers to comfortably conduct their days without sweltering in the office. For the elderly, sick or children (especially infants and toddlers), not having an AC in your home could be the difference between life and death during severe heat and humidity waves.

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An air conditioner cools your home by using certain chemicals that can easily convert from a gas to a liquid, and back to a gas again. The chemical process transfers heat from the air inside of a building to the air outside of it. There are three major components to air conditioning units:

  1. The Compressor: The compressor is essentially a pump that moves a heat transfer fluid (or refrigerant) between the evaporator and the condenser. The pump forces the refrigerant through the circuit of tubing and fins in the coils. The refrigerant enters the compressor as a low pressure and temperature gas. The compressor squeezes this gas, compacting it; in doing so, the working fluid’s molecules are pressed closer together. When the molecules are forced to tightly align in such a manner, they emit a higher energy level, which increases the overall temperature of the substance. What then exits the compressor, is a heated high-pressure gas.
  2. The Condenser: Acting upon the function of its name, this component condenses the hot gas that has already left the compressor. The condenser in most air conditioning units has a section located outside that is used in heat exchange to decrease the temperature of the refrigerant vapor, and condense it into a liquid. Typically, a fan is paired with the condenser to blow outside air through the heat exchange section in order to cool the refrigerant.
  3. The Evaporator: When refrigerant liquid leaves the condenser, it is transferred to the evaporator through a small hole. The liquid refrigerant evaporates in the indoor evaporator coil, pulling heat out of indoor air and cooling your home. The hot refrigerant gas is pumped outdoors into the condenser where it reverts back to a liquid, giving up its heat to the outside air flowing over the condenser’s metal tubing and fins.

Together, these three key units work harmoniously to continually cycle out stale, stuffy air and supply dehumidified, refreshing air to your home. Our professionals at One Hour are well versed in air conditioning installation in Bucks County, PA. There is a wide selection of air conditioning units for you to choose from that will fit any special needs you might have. We guarantee that our work in Montgomery County, PA, will not disrupt your home and that we will always be on time. If you are at risk of being stuck in the heat without relief, give us a call and schedule your AC maintenance before the temperature rises!

Is Your Home Being Cooled Properly?

Unfortunately, air conditioning units can break with heavy use. There are a variety of problems that can cause your AC not to function properly, because of the synergetic relationship all of the individual parts have. If your Bucks County, PA, air conditioner isn’t running right, it could be that your thermostat or sensor is not working correctly to register the temperature. It could also be the case that the motor or compressor has failed. Having a dirty filter or evaporator could cause the quality of your air to go down or even cause the unit to leak excess condensed liquid. If you’re lucky, you might just be low on refrigerant.

Regardless of the issue at hand, no one likes to suffer in the heat. It’s important to have an experienced and trustworthy technician examine your system because improper care, such as adding the wrong refrigerant or failing to fix a leak, can create even more problems and a bigger hassle for you in the long run. Turn to the professionalism and technical expertise of a One Hour technician for your Montgomery County, PA, AC repair to be assured that the job will be done right the first time.

A simple cleaning may get your unit back up and running, or you may need to replace a part. If there are existing damages that go beyond repair, AC replacement might be the best choice for you. If purchasing a new unit is the best solution, our professionals will help you understand your options in choosing the right size for your home that best fits your lifestyle. Our experts will advise you on the systems that are most appropriate for your needs and the layout of your home. Options may include:

  • Central air (often the best choice for cooling your whole home)
  • Room units (best bet if you only need a room or two chilled)
  • A split system (separates the outdoor compressor and condenser from the indoor component and may be appropriate if your home is already equipped with proper ductwork)
  • Evaporative coolers (use evaporated water to cool down air and work best in arid climates)

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