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An air handler is considered to be the engine of your entire HVAC system. This part is comprised of all the parts that move air throughout your home. Because of that, it’s arguably the most crucial component of your unit. It acts as a motherboard, contains the working parts, controls the circulation and movement of air, keeps it clean, stabilizes humidity and changes the temperature as needed.

If you’re in need of skilled and experienced HVAC air handler installation around Bucks County, PA and Montgomery County, PA, give One Hour a call. We ensure that the airflow in your home will be circulated properly.

Our team of professional and friendly technicians install, repair and maintain HVAC air handlers in homes throughout the region, including Glenside, Elkins Park, Churchville, Richboro, Villanova, and Yardley, as well as the rest of the Bucks County, PA, and Montgomery County, PA, area. Without an HVAC air handler, your system might not be as running as efficiently as possible.

Here are some of the main parts of a standard home air handler:


The fan is what forces the air to move through your HVAC system’s ducts and into the rooms of your home. There are many different types of fans that your air handler could have, but at the root of all of them is one basic function — the movement of air through your home. Anyone dealing with air handler installation in Montgomery County, PA, knows the important role that a fan plays in the efficiency of your system.

Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is the component of the air handler that either cools or heats the air as it passes through it, depending on the type of system installed. The outside unit pumps refrigerant through the coil to achieve a certain temperature, and that temperature is transferred to the air using a series of very fine aluminum fins.

These fins are very susceptible to the buildup of dirt, which greatly affects the efficiency of your HVAC system. There are many people with HVAC air handlers in Newtown, PA, that are spending way too much to cool or heat their house than they would if they properly maintained their equipment.


Now that you have air flowing, and it’s the right temperature, the next important thing you need is an air filter. Air filters ensure that clean air is moving through your home. This part traps dust, particles and other contaminants that you don’t want your HVAC system to blow out through your vents and into your home or clog up your system.

There are many options when it comes to the cleaning of your air. For some, a standard, inexpensive filter from the local supply store meets their needs. But for those who suffer from allergies or are very susceptible to illness, there are much better options available, such as HEPA filters, UV lights and electronic air cleaners. These technologies have been implemented in hospitals for years and have only recently become inexpensive enough to be used in residential applications.


People with HVAC air handlers in Bucks County, PA know how humidity can be lacking during winter. When you’re running the heating portion of your unit, the air will naturally be too dry, and that’s never comfortable. A humidifier increases the moisture in the air being processed through your unit, returning it to average and comfortable levels.

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At One Hour, you will benefit from our company difference. We strive to keep our customers in Glenside, Elkins Park, Churchville, Richboro, Villanova, Newtown, Yardley, and the surrounding areas satisfied with their HVAC system and the quality of work that we provide them.

Here are just a few standards that we adhere to:

  • On-Time Guarantee: Our technicians are “Always on time, or you don’t pay a dime!®”
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As you can see, whether we are performing AC installation, AC maintenance, or AC repair, our staff at One Hour is dedicated to going above and beyond for our clients. We also provide emergency services and AC replacement for whenever the time comes for new air conditioner units.

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