The Dangers of Not Maintenancing Oil Boilers and Furnaces Yearly Part 1 of 2

If you or someone you know has a boiler or furnace that runs on oil, please read further for your own safety. In order to keep your house warm, you may be using and running your boiler or furnace quite often so it stays toasty this winter. However, if you have not maintenanced it or cleaned it out this year, you and your family could be in danger.

At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, we care about our customers. We want you to be safe even if your boiler or furnace seems to be in working order. There aren’t always obvious signs of danger; that is why it is imperative to have your furnace looked over and cleaned out by a professional. You can also enlist the help of our emergency heater repair in Bucks County, PA if you detect there is something wrong.


How does Oil Burning work?

Among tar sands and coal fossil fuels, oil is one of the dirtiest burning fuels out there. When families neglect their boiler or furnace, soot will begin to build up over time. The soot will then start to block the passes in the boiler or furnace, making it so the released gases cannot escape through the chimney or venting system. What does that mean for you? Well, in this case, the gases will leak out of the boiler or furnace and into your home, filing it with smoke and carbon monoxide.


What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is not only an invisible gas, but it is also odorless, meaning you won’t know when you’re breathing it in. We have had a few instances recently of dangerous situations created from oil burning equipment that could have been avoided with regular maintenance. Carbon monoxide is lethal and we assure you: you don’t want to take that risk.

Here is what dirty boilers look like when they are not serviced or maintained:

cast iron boiler
Cast Iron Boiler

steel boiler
Steel Boiler

You can see the soot build up clogging them and causing danger for the home. When we service your furnace or boiler, we will not only clean out that soot build up, but we will also change the nozzle and filter. If this is not done, it will also clog up and can even leave you without heat in the dead of winter. Don’t let this happen! Call us right away for our emergency HVAC service in Bucks County, PA and our professionals will solve any of your furnace or boiler issues.


What else can I do to protect my home?

If you have oil heat, there are many other safety precautions you can take along with your yearly maintenance. One of them is installing carbon monoxide detectors in your home! In our next blog, we will be exploring the benefits of how carbon monoxide detectors can further assist with keeping your home’s heating safe.