HVAC contactor performing an emergency heater repair job in Levittown, PA


Looking for certified and trained technicians experienced with emergency heating repairs in Richboro, PA, or anywhere else throughout Montgomery County, PA, or Bucks County, PA? You can count on the experienced team of technicians at One Hour to get the job done right, every time! We serve areas including:

  • Churchville, PA
  • Glenside, PA
  • Elkins Park, PA
  • Richboro, PA
  • Villanova, PA
  • Langhorne, PA
  • And the rest of Bucks County, PA, and Montgomery County, PA

Unless you live in a state like Florida that boasts warm weather all year round, heaters are an essential tool to surviving the winter. Here, in Pennsylvania, it can get as cold as -42 degrees Fahrenheit (as recorded in 1904), but the average, and more realistic temperature is luckily only 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Phew! However, at 28.4 degrees, a hat, scarf or extra sweater still isn’t going to save you from the cold Glenside, PA weather. That is why heaters and emergency heater repair are an essential part of your winter preparation.

Are you regularly maintenancing your heater?

Not everyone has the time to plan ahead, we understand. And even if you are keeping your heater in check, that doesn’t mean it won’t malfunction in the coming frigid months. It happens. When your house feels like a refrigerator, we know you need us. With our emergency heater repair services, we’re able to get your home feeling cozy again. No need to go into hibernation or build an igloo: Call One Hour for the most dependable service available.

Has your heater ever failed you in the dead of winter?

Imagine that it’s one of those frozen winter nights in Churchville or Elkins Park with wind chills reaching below zero. The wind is howling outside, and you can almost feel it through the windows. You turn the thermostat up a degree or two before withdrawing to your comforter to sleep. In the middle of the night, your heater stops working, the house gradually getting colder. You wake up shivering, realizing suddenly that something is amiss. One Hour has you covered with our emergency heating repair services!

Why you need One Hour

What are you going to do when even sticking a finger out of the blankets is almost unbearable? Keep our phone number ready; when you’re in need of emergency HVAC services, we’re there for you. If you have sensitive pets like birds or fish, having a freezing house is even more of a danger to them. If you do not act quickly, the pipes in your home could freeze and burst, causing extensive damage you really don’t want, and that's where our emergency heating repair experts can help. We understand how important it is to keep your home’s temperature consistent not only in the winter but the summer too. One Hour also offers emergency AC repair should your air conditioner break down unexpectedly. Keep our number on your refrigerator so you always have backup.

Signs You Need Emergency Furnace Repair

If your heating system has completely lost its operational efficiency, you need to act quickly to solve the issue! Don’t just sit back and let your home turn into an icebox! Act fast to get it back up and running, so you can restore the comfort of your living environment. Rest assured, our certified and trained technicians perform emergency heating repairs in Langhorne, PA, and throughout all of Montgomery County, PA, and Bucks County, PA.

Make sure you call One Hour for emergency furnace repair when:

  • Your furnace is no longer operating. This one should be obvious. If the temperature inside your home has dropped significantly and the furnace isn’t responding, contact our staff right away.
  • Strange sounds coming from your furnace. Unusual sounds can indicate a wide variety of potential issues, but the important thing to remember is that almost all of them mean that something is seriously wrong.
  • Problems with your thermostat. If your thermostat is saying 74 degrees, but your home feels more like 50 degrees, it’s time to have one of our certified technicians visit your home to diagnose the root of the problem and provide a long-lasting solution.

Signs You Need Emergency Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps are designed to maximize the comfort of your home all year long. By supplementing your heating and cooling system with this device, the transfer of air from one room to another can improve significantly, without using more energy or increasing your utility bills each month. Considering the great demand that’s placed on these systems, they usually require repairs or need to replaced entirely.

Make sure you contact One Hour for emergency heating repair when:

  • The mode is stuck. Since they can be used year-round, they have two fundamental operational modes, so if the reversing valve has been damaged or is completely inoperable, the system will get stuck in whichever mode it had been in last. This means you won’t be able to heat your home effectively until the valve is repaired.
  • Strange sounds coming from your system. Just like all HVAC systems, unusual noises are signs of damaged or loose components. If these problems are left unaddressed for any amount of time, the components can degrade completely, or worse, start to damage other essential parts.
  • It’s blowing cold air. Obviously this is not a good sign, at all. There’s no explanation for it blowing cold air into your home during the winter other than that it’s simply malfunctioning. This is a problem that many homeowners experience, but our certified technicians have no problem fixing it.

Remember, our certified and trained technicians perform emergency heating repairs, as well as emergency AC repairs, in Villanova, PA, and throughout all of Bucks County, PA, and Montgomery County, PA. Contact us today to perform emergency heating repairs at your home!