HVAC contractor performing a heat pump repair in Levittown, PA


Feeling hot? Feeling cold? But still looking to save money and energy?

Consider getting a heat pump! At One Hour, we provide heater installation, boiler installation, and heat pump repair in Montgomery County, PA, Bucks County, PA, Langhorne, PA, Newtown, PA and Levittown, PA and we’ll help you save money and energy.

What can happen if you don’t have a heat pump? Let’s take a look!

Even if it’s not winter where you are, let’s say it is, if just for the purposes of this scenario. It’s snowing outside, the temperatures have been in the freezing range for weeks now, and all you want is for you and your family to feel warm again. You’re afraid of turning the heat up because your heater or furnace installation is old, and you don’t want to waste energy and increase living expenses, but your children can’t stop shivering, and you’re afraid one of them will get sick. So, you do the only rational thing you can think of, which is crank up the heat. You don’t even care about the heating bill anymore because all you want is for your family to be warm, healthy and happy.

The thing is — when it’s time for your energy bill to come, the cost is so expensive that your jaw hits the floor when you take a look at it. You mutter under your breath and wonder where it all went wrong. Then you remember cranking up your old heater for a couple of freezing cold weeks during the winter. Fortunately, there’s a way to prevent this. And we bet that you already guessed how — with a heat pump.

Repair for Heat Pumps Throughout the Year

You may already have a heat pump, but you might also be looking to repair it. If so, you don’t have to look any further than our team here at One Hour. We serve residential and commercial customers in Levittown, PA, Newtown, PA, Langhorne, PA, Bucks County, PA, Montgomery County, PA, and other local areas.

Whether it’s summer, winter, spring or fall, you can turn to us for assistance in heat pump repair, heater repair, and furnace tune ups. Our team will provide quick and courteous service to get your heating or air conditioning back in order before you know it.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

So, what’s the big deal with heat pumps? Why are homeowners now choosing to use heat pumps as a way to heat up and cool down their homes during extreme temperatures?

The simplest answer is this: Heat pumps are a money-saving and energy-efficient way to keep the temperature in your home at an ideal range. Even though it sounds like heat pumps are only used to heat a home, that’s actually not the case. Heat pumps also work to keep your home cool when it’s warm or hot outside. But the pressing question is — how do heat pumps work?

A heat pump is an energy-efficient alternative to other ways to heat and cool your home. Instead of generating heat or air conditioning, which can be a waste of money and energy, heat pumps will take the air from outside and transfer it either into warmer or colder air, whichever will make you most comfortable.

Heat pumps save energy by moving the air from one location to another (in most cases from outside to inside) instead of generating it. In fact, heat pumps are similar to air conditioners in this way.

How Do You Know Whether You Need Heat Pump Repair?

Even if your heat pump hasn’t fully broken down, it may still need heat pump repair. At One Hour, we can take care of this for you, as we serve customers who live in or near:

  • Montgomery County, PA
  • Bucks County, PA
  • Langhorne, PA
  • Newtown, PA
  • Levittown, PA
  • Glenside, PA
  • Elkins Park, PA
  • Churchville, PA
  • Richboro, PA
  • Villanova, PA

There are a few signs that your heat pump is in need of repair. If you’re experiencing any of the following, we encourage you to contact our team for heat pump repair services here a One Hour. Here are two of the most crucial warning signs:

  • You hear grinding or clicking noises – If you’re hearing any unusual noises coming from your heat pump, especially grinding or clicking, this is usually not a good sign. Clicking sounds signal that one of the capacitors are on the edge of failing, while grinding sounds can mean the motors have lost lubrication. Either way, it’s best to call us.
  • The heat pump is stuck in one mode – Another sign your heat pump needs repair is when it’s only stuck in one mode. If it’s refusing to cool or refusing to heat, that’s not good for you either way. Try looking into heat pump repair.

Whether you’re in Glenside, PA, Elkins Park, PA, Churchville, PA, Richboro, PA, Villanova, PA or another neighboring town, you can contact our team here at One Hour for the best in heating service. We’ll make sure your heat pump or is ready to keep you warm or cool all year round!