Jayne W

“Very impressed with Tom”

Bob H.

“One Hour’s service was so quick and efficient! When they arrived, they were very courteous, respectful and kindly answered all of the questions I had. My plumbing is all fixed up and my water is flowing beautifully.”

John W.

“James is the MAN”

Adam M., Havertown, PA

“When the heat stopped working during the last snowstorm, my first two calls gave me wait times of eight hours or more. Thankfully, One Hour was able to make it to my home almost immediately. The technician was very respectful, taking only a few minutes to diagnose the problem with my heater. He replaced the part (I don’t remember what it was called). The whole visit took no more than 45-50 minutes and the comfort in my home was restored within an hour of the technician arriving. My daughter and I are very thankful. Now I need to shovel!”

Jeffrey B

“Dan did a great job, thank you. Very satisfied.”

D. Bello

“Heater died. One Hour sent a technician in minutes. Got heat back in no time. Thanks!”

Jim R

“James is the MAN!!”

Rick G.

“When it comes to heating and air conditioning, no one does it better than One Hour. They get the job done. I was worried that my dog was going to get overheated with no air conditioning, but One Hour showed up right away and made my home comfortable in no time at all! Thanks for everything!”

John W

“Both men were very professional”

Billy L.

“It’s physically impossible for me to recommend One Hour more than I already do. I needed a complete furnace repair during one of the coldest weeks of the winter. One Hour had a technician out to my house within 24 hours and finished installation within 48 hours! They were the nicest people in the world and make a hectic emergency much more manageable. There are few companies that care about their customers the way One Hour does. They are now my go to for anything plumbing related.”

Theresa D

“Very professional company”

Jhanelle M.

“This year I moved to Bucks County and had issues with my heater working properly. Coming from Austin, Texas, it was difficult enough to adjust to the cold weather without having to deal with a freezing cold bathroom. Have you ever sat on a toilet seat so cold you screamed upon contact? I have, and it isn’t fun. One Hour was quick to get here and efficient in their work. Before they were gone, there was nice, warm air being circulated through my home. The feeling even came back in my toes! How’s that for great service?! Thank you One Hour.”

Amanda B.

“I just wanted to say thank you to One Hour and emergency heating services they recently provided. My home lost heat early New Year’s Eve morning. I called them right away, and they had someone out within a couple of hours to take a look at my system. I don’t remember what he fixed, but luckily it was something that didn’t cause any major damage so that I could enjoy New Year’s Eve. Because of the prompt service I received, I will call them to remedy any future issues.”

Sally B.

“Dan, James & Coleen went above and beyond expectations.”

Lindsay L.

“When our heater broke down this winter, we weren’t sure what to do. Luckily, a friend recommended that we call One Hour. They got to work right away, and told us that we’d be much better off with a new heat pump. They installed it for us, and now not only are we warm, but we’re also saving money and energy.”

Stephen B

“He was exceptionally good.”

Jack D.

“I scheduled an appointment with One Hour and asked if they could install a heat pump at my home. The technicians arrived on time, prepared with all the equipment and tools they needed to finish the job. The installation was completed very quickly; I was impressed. Now the temperature is more uniform throughout my entire home. We’ve always dealt with hot and cold spots, but now every rooms seems to always be set at a comfortable temperature. Not to mention, I’ve saved a lot of money on utility bills since installing the heat pump. I recommend these guys to everyone. When it comes to honest, professional service, One Hour is number one!”

Mary Lou F

“James was very pleasant.”

Tobias B.

“It’s a HUGE pet peeve of mine when technicians show up late to their appointment, so I decided to try the guys at One Hour when my heater died last week. I was skeptical, but sure enough, they arrived five minutes before my 10am appointment. They explained everything that they were doing and were upfront about how much it would cost. Very professional. I’ll definitely be calling them again.”

Richard K

“Excellent, very knowledgable.”

Ava L.

“The technician arrived on time and was very polite! He was very patient and thorough with the repair and made sure it was working correctly before he left. Thank you!!”