Here at One Hour, we get a lot of questions about thermostats because of our reputation as one of the best-known companies to offer thermostat installation in Glenside, Elkins Park, Newtown,  Churchville, Richboro, PA, Villanova, Bucks County, PA, and Montgomery County, PA.

For instance, we often hear, “What is a thermostat?”

Homeowner adjusting their newly installed digital thermostat

Well, simply put, a thermostat is the component of your HVAC system that maintains your desired temperature. In other words, it tells the system to cool the house down when it’s too warm, and warm it up when it’s too cold. The temperature is usually controlled manually from a control which is mounted on the wall. This is the part of the system that most homeowners are familiar with. Furthermore, thermostats can be programmable or non-programmable.

A programmable thermostat performs the same job as a non-programmable thermostat, with one major exception: A programmable thermostat will allow you to set heating and cooling conditions for different times during the day, while a regular thermostat can only be changed by physically touching it. If you have a programmable one, it can usually hold at least six different settings so that you can return to a warm home without paying to heat the house while you’re at work. Some thermostats, called “smart thermostats,” can take this a step further.

A smart thermostat learns your heating and cooling behaviors to make your home even more comfortable. It learns your behaviors weekly, so if you tend to spend Saturdays in bed, it will keep the house warm, and it will also not use as much energy when you’re out and about. Other features include weather forecasts, which are displayed on the thermostat, as well as the ability to control the thermostat using a smartphone. Some smart thermostats will even go as far as to tell you when you’ve set the temperature to a setting that saves energy.

Experts in Thermostat Installation

Our technicians here at One Hour are well trained in the area of thermostat installation. If you live in the Glenside area, or anywhere else in Bucks County, PA, and Montgomery County, PA, then we’d like to provide thermostat installation for you.

Our experts know that when you’re installing a thermostat, it’s important to make sure that it’s away from any other heat sources. This includes everything from ovens to fireplaces, as they can all make your thermostat register incorrect temperatures.

A true professional will never place a thermostat in direct sunlight because this can result in false readings. It is also important is to make sure that the thermostat is placed in a central location in your home to avoid uneven temperatures within the house. Once your thermostat is installed in the correct area of your home, you should always make sure that it isn’t dusty, or otherwise covered, as that can also affect the temperature readings.

No one knows as much as we do about thermostat installation in the Newtown and Elkins Park areas, so we would love to help you. Most thermostats will last you for years and years, but nothing lasts forever, so if you’re wondering whether this is the time to invest in a completely new system or to repair the old one, we can advise you. Please contact us to check out your thermostat and see what would be the best action to take.

Don’t be uncomfortable in your own home or risk increased utility bills just because you don’t want to change your thermostat – in the long run, it can actually save you money! Whether you’re looking for thermostat installation or thermostat repair in Churchville, Richboro, or Villanova, you can turn to us.

Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

Of course, which thermostat you decide to put in your home is ultimately your decision, but we also understand that it’s nice to know your options. As we previously explained, there are a few types of thermostats, including non-programmable ones, programmable ones and smart thermostats. Each of them have their own advantages, so we’re going to explain the benefits of programmable thermostats, which are becoming increasingly popular today. Here are some of the reasons why people are choosing programmable thermostats and why they’re becoming more standard in people’s homes:

  • They save you money – With programmable thermostats, you don’t have to be there for the temperature to change. By this, we mean that you can set it to reduce your energy usage when you’re not home, and set it to return to your desired temperature when you return. This helps you save money by reducing heating and air conditioning costs when no one is at your house.
  • They increase energy efficiency – As you’ve probably already guessed, programmable thermostats can also increase energy efficiency in your home. It’s important to make sure that your home doesn’t contribute to wasting energy, which is why many people are choosing programmable thermostats.

No matter what type of thermostat you’d like, you can rely on our team here at One Hour. We serve people throughout the Bucks County, PA, and Montgomery County, PA areas. To learn more about our thermostat installation services, contact us today and become cozy in your home again!